Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Teenage years 1

Hm, I know that! But usually some things are hanging at their backs!
A carriage! ;-) (In the big city it was always like that!)

WHAT?!? I should SIT next to IT?!?
Are you crazy, master? 

Oh God, now it detected me...come on make your photos, masters, and then let's slip off!!!

It's watching me...I'm gonna duck!
Maybe it doesn't see me if I keep still *hope* seems not to be interested in me!
I'm favoured by fortune ;-)

 So, now I want a treat for being so brave!

And now I know why my mistress only left me alone with my master for an hour in the most extreme emergencies - 'cause he always has these crazy ideas! (More of these at another time;-))

I should sit next to the horses...pff...
What's next? Should I ride one?!?

My mistress very soon realised, that this was a bad idea and now she is ALWAYS with me :-) *wagglewaggle*

Black Dog