Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Teenage years 1

Hm, I know that! But usually some things are hanging at their backs!
A carriage! ;-) (In the big city it was always like that!)

WHAT?!? I should SIT next to IT?!?
Are you crazy, master? 

Oh God, now it detected me...come on make your photos, masters, and then let's slip off!!!

It's watching me...I'm gonna duck!
Maybe it doesn't see me if I keep still *hope* seems not to be interested in me!
I'm favoured by fortune ;-)

 So, now I want a treat for being so brave!

And now I know why my mistress only left me alone with my master for an hour in the most extreme emergencies - 'cause he always has these crazy ideas! (More of these at another time;-))

I should sit next to the horses...pff...
What's next? Should I ride one?!?

My mistress very soon realised, that this was a bad idea and now she is ALWAYS with me :-) *wagglewaggle*

Black Dog

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Paying the bill? Never!

Today when my mistress was tidying up the room she made a terrible discovery: an unpaid veterinarian-bill!

For my sake she could have thrown it into the trash, but NO...
My mistress told me that we had to pay the bill as soon as possible, so that I could go to the nice doctor again -.-

Pfff! I don't want to go to the nice doctor! As far as I'm concerned we could go without those unpleasant visits there!

That's me, going... *ahem* ...sliding to the doctor's office!

 Black Dog, not liking those doctor games ;-)

Friday, May 18, 2012

Rainy Day

Mistress and Master are giving private guitar lessons and tutorings. There is a lot going on at home. Just like today.

And when finally some peace was restored in our cosy little home and the work was done for some time, I, of course, wanted to go walkies for a while.

But mistress said, that it was raining too heavily!
Of course, I didn't believe her and wanted to see for myself, what was going on outside.

Hm, doesn't look that bad, mistress!

 There's suuper weather outside!

Ahm...okay, Mistress, maybe you were right!

Then just wait for a while!

We didn't have to wait for long! Half an hour later the spook was over and we could go on :-)

I just hope, that this night, when we are delivering newspapers, the wheather won't be as bad...
Well, I don't really care, I'm sitting in the warm car ;-)
But my two-legged-owners have to get out all the time *hihi*

Black Dog

Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day

I hope you all had a very beautiful Mother's day! :-)

I made a very awesome present to my mistress that day:

I was good as gold...

Well, I was good...

Okay, at least I tried! ;-)

Whatever, my mistress was happy with me anyways!
She cuddled and praised me a lot and then she told me again, what a wonderful experience she had, when she fetched me!

Then, all my siblings had been picked up and I had to spend the night all alone - that was really scary, which is why I was howling a lot...
My mistress must have heard me, because on the following day she was there and took me to her :-)

When she came, I was standing shyly on the small steps and waited. (We had seen each other before, but after that terrible night I was a bit sceptic!)

A sweetly twittered 'Where's my good boy!' let me start sprinting like a little whirlwind directly in my mistress's arms ;-)

Right where I belong and love to be!

My mommy and me <3

Black Dog

Friday, May 11, 2012

Sometimes she tries...

Who tries what?

My mistress tries to educate me!

She would like to show me her way of living and because she is a vegetarian, she thinks,
that I from time to time have to eat some healthy fruits...

Hm, most of the time I'm not all that delighted about it (except when my mistress hides the stuff she calls 'vegetables' in my food - then it's okay :-))

Small note: This picture of me is quite old - we lived somewhere else ;-) But, well that's alright!

So, I took a bite - are you happy?!


 Master? Could you get me some cheese from the kitchen?


Can't you see I'm hungry, mistress?!!!

Don't worry, I eventually did get something good to eat :-)

Mistress and I agreed upon me eating a carrot or an apple from time to time. So that's settled! :-)

Black Dog

Thursday, May 10, 2012

No fear!

Yesterday was a very beautiful, sunny day! The perfect weather for a extensive walk, which we did!

We were on the way for quite a while, I could sniff and pee everywhere, and show how well-behaved I can walk next to my mistress ;-)

But suddenly HE was there!

Just before we arrived at the safety of our car to drive home (where surely a big reward would be waiting for me, because of me being so obedient), HE was standing there right in the middle of the path!

HE - a dog, so hairy and brawny just like a bear (a very frightening bear)!

I was really pretty scared, that's why I drew a picture for you, so you can see how horrible he was:

Well, okay! He didn't look exactly like this! I wouldn't be scared of such a little Teddy bear!

He was MUCH bigger - something like this:

Hm, he didn't have such a nice look on his face! (Like I said: I wouldn't be scared of such a one)
The bear-dog was much more brutal and was baring his teeth, as if he wanted to tear me apart in his mighty jaw!!!

Well, if I remember correctly, he looked JUST LIKE THIS:

YES, that's it!!! You can believe me!!!

Admit it! You would also be scared of such a wild fellow!

But I trusted my mistress to get me out of the situation, because SHE could easily beat every monster-bear you can find! So I overcame my fear and I strolled on dutifully next to my mistress.

She was very proud of me and praised me to the skies!

I have no idea why...? I'm that virtuous all the time! ;-)

Black Dog

Monday, May 7, 2012

I'm filled with pride!

Hey Fans!

I have to say I'm very proud of my blog. I have had a lot of visitors and have already found many friends! *wagandwave*

Mind you, it's all not that easy for me, especially because English is not my mother tongue and furthermore I have problems with the small keys of my mistress's keyboard.
My paws are much to big for it! ;-)

Hm, one day I should invent a keyboard for dogs...
I drew a picture for you.
That's how I imagine my ideal workspace as a dogger! :-)

(Special attention might be spent to the practical treat-spender, which produces treats per click!)