Thursday, May 10, 2012

No fear!

Yesterday was a very beautiful, sunny day! The perfect weather for a extensive walk, which we did!

We were on the way for quite a while, I could sniff and pee everywhere, and show how well-behaved I can walk next to my mistress ;-)

But suddenly HE was there!

Just before we arrived at the safety of our car to drive home (where surely a big reward would be waiting for me, because of me being so obedient), HE was standing there right in the middle of the path!

HE - a dog, so hairy and brawny just like a bear (a very frightening bear)!

I was really pretty scared, that's why I drew a picture for you, so you can see how horrible he was:

Well, okay! He didn't look exactly like this! I wouldn't be scared of such a little Teddy bear!

He was MUCH bigger - something like this:

Hm, he didn't have such a nice look on his face! (Like I said: I wouldn't be scared of such a one)
The bear-dog was much more brutal and was baring his teeth, as if he wanted to tear me apart in his mighty jaw!!!

Well, if I remember correctly, he looked JUST LIKE THIS:

YES, that's it!!! You can believe me!!!

Admit it! You would also be scared of such a wild fellow!

But I trusted my mistress to get me out of the situation, because SHE could easily beat every monster-bear you can find! So I overcame my fear and I strolled on dutifully next to my mistress.

She was very proud of me and praised me to the skies!

I have no idea why...? I'm that virtuous all the time! ;-)

Black Dog

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