Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day

I hope you all had a very beautiful Mother's day! :-)

I made a very awesome present to my mistress that day:

I was good as gold...

Well, I was good...

Okay, at least I tried! ;-)

Whatever, my mistress was happy with me anyways!
She cuddled and praised me a lot and then she told me again, what a wonderful experience she had, when she fetched me!

Then, all my siblings had been picked up and I had to spend the night all alone - that was really scary, which is why I was howling a lot...
My mistress must have heard me, because on the following day she was there and took me to her :-)

When she came, I was standing shyly on the small steps and waited. (We had seen each other before, but after that terrible night I was a bit sceptic!)

A sweetly twittered 'Where's my good boy!' let me start sprinting like a little whirlwind directly in my mistress's arms ;-)

Right where I belong and love to be!

My mommy and me <3

Black Dog

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