Friday, May 11, 2012

Sometimes she tries...

Who tries what?

My mistress tries to educate me!

She would like to show me her way of living and because she is a vegetarian, she thinks,
that I from time to time have to eat some healthy fruits...

Hm, most of the time I'm not all that delighted about it (except when my mistress hides the stuff she calls 'vegetables' in my food - then it's okay :-))

Small note: This picture of me is quite old - we lived somewhere else ;-) But, well that's alright!

So, I took a bite - are you happy?!


 Master? Could you get me some cheese from the kitchen?


Can't you see I'm hungry, mistress?!!!

Don't worry, I eventually did get something good to eat :-)

Mistress and I agreed upon me eating a carrot or an apple from time to time. So that's settled! :-)

Black Dog

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