Friday, May 18, 2012

Rainy Day

Mistress and Master are giving private guitar lessons and tutorings. There is a lot going on at home. Just like today.

And when finally some peace was restored in our cosy little home and the work was done for some time, I, of course, wanted to go walkies for a while.

But mistress said, that it was raining too heavily!
Of course, I didn't believe her and wanted to see for myself, what was going on outside.

Hm, doesn't look that bad, mistress!

 There's suuper weather outside!

Ahm...okay, Mistress, maybe you were right!

Then just wait for a while!

We didn't have to wait for long! Half an hour later the spook was over and we could go on :-)

I just hope, that this night, when we are delivering newspapers, the wheather won't be as bad...
Well, I don't really care, I'm sitting in the warm car ;-)
But my two-legged-owners have to get out all the time *hihi*

Black Dog

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